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CAMBIUM Indoor Dual Radio Wi-Fi 6 2x2 WL

CAMBIUM Indoor Dual Radio Wi-Fi 6 2x2 WL

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The Cambium Indoor Dual Radio WiFi 6 2x2 WL is a wireless access point designed to enhance Wi-Fi connectivity in business and educational environments. It comes with two 2x2 MIMO WiFi 6 radios and supports the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard, enabling it to deliver high-speed, high-capacity Wi-Fi performance. The Cambium Indoor Dual Radio WiFi 6 2x2 WL AP is easy to install and use, and comes with the Cambium Managed Services network management platform, which allows you to easily configure and manage your network through a web interface. The Cambium Managed Services platform also allows you to monitor network performance in real time and receive alerts of potential issues. The Cambium Indoor Dual Radio WiFi 6 2x2 WL AP is ideal for use in business and educational environments to improve connectivity and reduce latency in network applications.

Product description

The XV2-2 is a Wi-Fi 6 dual-radio access point (AP) designed to deliver next-generation networks with edge services at value-based pricing. Wi-Fi 6 technology offers higher network speeds and allows more connected devices with higher packet quality. Wi-Fi 6 brings the deterministic model to the radio frequency (RF) layer where the AP controls client connections, including when to sleep, when to wake up, and how to transmit and receive packets. The XV2-2 is fully compatible with existing Wi-Fi technology and enables massive growth of low-power, low-bitrate IoT devices to add infrastructure intelligence to any market.

key features

  • dual spokes, 2x2
  • 2.5 GbE uplink port, RJ45
  • Aggregate data rate of 1.77 Gbps
  • Application policy control
  • EasyPass with Microsoft Azure and Google G Suite integration

Cloud and on-premise management

XV2-2 continues the convergence of the enterprise network with an intelligent edge AP managed by Cambium Networks XMS management system or with intelligent application Maestro TM. Choose the management system that best suits your business and use the latest technology from Cambium Networks.

Cambium Networks XMS leverages intelligent access points with an integrated edge controller to deliver edge services at any network density. The XMS management plane is a cloud-centric technology with a simple, easy-to-use interface that offers policy-based control of the L7 app, secure EasyPass BYOD access, and a drag-and-drop MSP dashboard.

Cambium Networks cnMaestro uses a distributed intelligence architecture with cloud management and intelligent edge access points that self-optimize for the RF environment. cnMaestro offers single crystal management for Cambium fixed broadband wireless, cnMatrix Ethernet switches, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access points

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